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Reading skill goals

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Reading skill goals.

  1. 1. Read text from right to left in an easy and comfortable way.
  2. 2. Linking written audio symbols easily.
  3. 3. Knowing new words for one meaning (synonyms).
  4. 4. Knowing new meanings for one word (the common verbal).
  5. 5. Analyzing the readable text into parts and knowing the relationships between them.
  6. 6. Follow up on the ideas contained in the text and keep them in mind during the reading period.
  7. 7. Deducing the general meaning from the readable text.
  8. 8. Distinguish between main ideas and secondary ideas in the readable text.
  9. 9. Perception of changes in meaning in light of changes in structures.
  10. 10. Choose details that support or contradict an opinion.
  11. 11. Know the meanings of the new vocabulary from context.