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Writing skill objectives

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Writing skill objectives:

  1. 1. Correctly transmit the words on the board or on the handwriting book.
  2. 2. Know how to write alphabets in their different shapes and positions.
  3. 3. Writing from right to left easily.
  4. 4. Writing Arabic words in separate letters and continuous letters, with the letter shapes being distinguished.
  5. 5. Clarity of calligraphy and lettering does not make wear out of place.
  6. 6. Accuracy in writing words with letters that are pronounced but not written, and that are written but not pronounced.
  7. 7. Take into account the basic spelling rules in writing.
  8. 8. Observe consistency and order in what he writes in a way that gives it a touch of beauty.
  9. 9. Mastering the different types of Arabic calligraphy.
  10. 10. Taking into account the characteristics of Arabic writing, such as the extension, the tanween, and the emphasis. 
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