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About Us


Learn Quran, Arabic and Tajweed online for children and adults. 

Elmajd is an online Quran academy for men, women and children worldwide.

We have a brilliant team of qualified professional teachers who are native Arabic speakers. 

Our specialist teachers combine theoretical and practical knowledge concerned with the science of Quran reading, writing, memorization and articulation to make learning an easy and rewarding process. 

We teach classes in:

Quran memorization and recitation  

Quran reading with ten Qiraat

Quran Writing


Supported by friendly and enthusiastic teachers, we focus on developing a healthy teacher-student relationship that keeps our students engaged in learning.

 We have taught hundreds of students who have progressed quickly from learning the Arabic alphabet, to fluent recitation in a short period of time.

 All our sessions are face to face, interactive video lessons by real tutors online to get the most value out of each lesson. 

We work with both male and female Quran teachers, who are available 7 days a week, with times guaranteed to suit everyone’s busy schedule.

Contact us now to start your free first lesson trial. You will not be disappointed.