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Ijazah program

 About this course

A lot of those who read Quara’an do not know the meaning of Ijazah. It is better to define it first. It is a license from the Sheikh who grants Ijazah to the student who will get this license that he has read the whole Quara’an with using the Moshaf with Al-tajweed and accuracy in reading.

After this course, students will:

Get a paper certificate which proves getting an Ijazah from this Sheikh who got it from his own Sheikh, and so on up till Ashatbyah

reading Quran without mistakes and with perfect Tajweed .

Ground Rules:

* Sessions depend on your free time

* Trial session before joining.

* Great tuition prices, Greater quality.

* All our instructors are native Arabic speakers.

* Oral quizzes will be done within the course to check the progress of the students.

* All lectures will be based on “one on one” sessions, however, we might arrange some group meetings with all the students to make competition in reading  and to let everybody share his/her experience in learning. This will be for the good of the students and will be based on the preference of you and your instructor.