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Learning Tajweed

 In this course:

Your kids will recognize the Arabic Letters Pronunciation, Articulation of letters in A fantastic way, they will learn their divisions and their will practice on each letter with different signs (fatha, damma, kasra, sukoon, tanween, shadda…) by Games.

they will learn all the rules of tajweed in a simple way and a nice like ” how can you use Al Isti’atha and Al Basmala and conditions of their usage. After that they will determine whether the letter is strong or weak. they will also study the characteristics of letters. Some of these characteristics can be divided into Sifat that have opposites and Sifat without opposites.

they will study all letters and some of their sifat to complete it as an exercise on sifat.

You will study relations between letters (The two the same, the two similar, the two close, the two far).

The rules of Tafkheem and Tarqeeq, The rules of noon sakinah, The rules of meem sakinah, The rules of laam sakinah, The lengthening, The rules of Elteqaa Essakineen, Hamza-tul- Qat and Hamza-tul-Wasl, Stopping on the ends of the words, the Stop and the Beginning.